Thursday, May 13, 2010

All about what has happened during the wonky internet connection period

1. May the 12th was the brother's birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. Thanks for putting up with all the little sister-annoying pranks back in the dark ages. Hope you had a good birthday.

2. Bible class Thursdays has been thoroughly incorporated into my weekly routine. I checked it's seen 5 months already. Who would have thought I would have made it this far? Mum says at the end of two years...I deserve a medal.

3.I played the violin for the violin teacher's sister's wedding dinner two Sundays back. It was mostly scary but maybe a little bit fun. I didn't need to worry about the vibrato bit, my right hand shook quite a bit when I played. That was embarrassing. I hope nobody caught that on video. ( The camera man sure came close enough )

4. I cleared my study and parted with a lot of of notes. So I have more space to move the books from the kitchen top. I cannot imagine throwing any more stuff away any time soon. Which means, I need to be more selective in my reading material. ( So much for this..I've since bought 3 very boring books. When I bought them they were not boring. They became boring after chapter 4-5)

5. The kitchen tap is leaking.( AGAIN!) The noise annoys me when its quiet. ( Like now)

6.I've lost my ipod touch. It's too painful to eloborate.

7. I bought an evita peroni headscarf for RM89. Daylight robbery but it is rare not to look like an egghead in a headscarf I simply HAD to buy it. Haven't worn it. The possible debut might be this Saturday.

8. I can't get into my cheongsam. Stupid outfit anyway. It doesn't allow you to expand as nature intended.

9. I get headaches more frequently. ( I have one now!)

10. My egg collection obsession on facebook may very well return:)


yoong khean said...

pity on the iPod touch. iPad maybe? :D

edina monsoon said...

nOOOOOooooOOOOOooo!! I want my ipod touch back. Stupid house gremlin took it I"m sure.

yoong khean said...

lets go shopping!

edina monsoon said...

tamau:( Want to de-clutter apartment. Am learning to let things GO:)