Monday, May 17, 2010

Parking in Putra Jaya

There is no public car park in parcel E ( a weird name !) which is where the Ministry of Higher Education as well as the Ministry of Health buildings are situated. They're positioned a stone's throw away from each other. And so if you have a seminar to attend at the main auditorium, sandwiched between these two buildings, the logical step would be to park along the main road ON the yellow line. .... together with the many many many other cars lined neatly in a row. Whatever little feeling of uncertainly re breaking the rules disappeared when we asked one of the officers whether this was a done thing. He said usually that is not a problem. He was wrong. We found a nasty little ticket tucked firmly under the windshield wiper upon return. This led ( apart from deep regret) to a spot of driving about looking for the building to pay the fine. After two loops about the place, we found ourselves in the weirdest car park I've ever seen in a while. No spots to be found easily. When we eventually found the building and the officer, I was ready to weep with sorrow at a Monday gone so wrong. We then proceeded to get ourselves thoroughly lost en route back to the city. It was like a bad nightmare where you simply cannot find the way out of a place. After a full hour and a bit, we eventually led the car onto the highway. I do not think I will want to attend any more seminars in Putra Jaya. This trip has aged me significantly. Plus I have aching limbs. I forgot to mention, we got the venue mixed up. The morning started with us parking ( quite a distance ) in Hospital Putra Jaya thinking ( stupidly) that the talk was to be held at the auditorium in the hospital. 
( Picture is of the folks who decide what happens to folks like us..working under them)

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