Friday, June 11, 2010

One evening....

Last weekend a group of friends and I met up for dinner. This itself made the meal a special one. We'd not met together for some time. One out of the 4 opted for Korean and we ended up at the food court in one of the shopping centers in KL. Before I go further, some background on my eating habits and my love for doing and eating similar things like clockwork. I have this habit ( which I'm sure many others do but don't confess to ) of eating the same dish repeatedly. And this disease is extended to wanting to eat that same dish repeatedly for months. WE arrived hungry but had to wait for the other 2 to arrive. So to speed things up, the friend and I decided we would check the menu out. ( I of course already knew what I wanted from ANY korean place...BIBIMBAP) Pretty exciting stuff, cos I hadn't gone to this food court for months...perhaps even nearly one year. We arrived. And the lady whose stall it is, exclaimed in glee when she saw me approaching " LONG time no see" accompanied by a huge smile and hand gestures. I got a little freaked out. She remembers me? This wasn't all, when we eventually ordered, she gave us a free dish to sample. ( pictured above) Wasn't that sweet of her?

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