Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pudu Jail

Pudu Jail lies in the middle of the city, which seems rather odd until you realise, the building was erected years before its surrounding became a commercial area. Some people see Pudu Jail as a potential heritage site whilst others presumably the ones who have had relatives  residing there may feel quite the opposite.I haven't given it much thought. My father, who was bred in KL, insisted we take some pictures before the walls are torn down. And this we did last Sunday afternoon, together with quite a few other people who had similar plans for the afternoon. Despite coming away with more than 30 shots of the building, I can't say I'll be sorry once it's torn down.

The picture was taken with the G10 canon, in black and white mode. Viewed from the little lane off Jalan Hang Tuah and it shows Berjaya Times Square looming in the background.


yoong khean said...

i like this shot!

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

My of my photobuddies were out and about when the wall was being torn down the other night. What was I doing? Sleeping because of work the next day. I need a life!

edina monsoon said...

YK: Thanks:) Inspired by your black and white shots!!
Haris: Tsk tsk tsk!! I think the walls will remain for some time. So there's still a window of opportunity. Hurry!!