Monday, July 05, 2010

Mondays generally stink

Image taken from the net.
Today was one of those days, where you start of by being overly ambitious. Which other sane person would plan to see two study patients and sort their problems out before 8:30am in the morning? Nobody!! I forgot to consider the post-weekend sluggishness which made dealing with adverse events and drug dosages slow. Of course it did not help to share the table with 6-7 other study files belonging to another unit and having to pace about looking for the right file and questionnaire. Hrrump. The morning proceeded on in about the same haphazard manner in which it started and I only just about regain my momentum around 3:00pm. There was a decided drop in pace ( very thankful for that ) and here I am now. A testament to my ability to cope with crap on MOndays. Happy Monday folks:)

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