Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cucur badak

I've not seen cucur badak served like this before. Have you? Thanks to the fasting month, our journey to PJ Hilton was smooth and we arrived far too soon for the meal. The nissan purred contentedly along the federal highway, having recently being serviced.  Of course being terribly organized creatures, we proceeded to survey the good food laid out, walking about making mental notes of what to have as the first course and what to leave out completely. There was a quiet anticipatory buzz as folks mingled with the food and quietly took their food to the table. Having done that, what was left was to wait for the time of breaking of fast. At least 2 tables within sight were taken by Mat sallehs and it was lovely to see them tactfully waiting like the rest of the crowd for the time to eat. I ate too much and got incredibly sleepy directly after the meal. 

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