Sunday, August 29, 2010


Marmalade is an excellent place to head to for breakfast. It has sunlight streaming in from one side of it and the decoration is made out of bright orange-themed colour scheme. There are fresh flowers placed on a huge round table at the centre. The seating arrangement allows you to eat comfortably.Part of it is partitioned off slightly and raised to give it some illusion of privacy. And that is used cleverly as seats with backs and they plump some striped cushions for you to seat beside. The space is big enough for buggies to be parked comfortably.  As for the food, no complains at all. A word of caution, this review is done only after ONE visit.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Been there a few times - I take it the one at Bangsar Village II? No problem recommending the place. They ventured into a cafe style joint at Suria KLCC - called The Lawn - but I don't thin it worked out that well for them there. The food at BV II branch was definitely much better. Do they still have the bean bag at the kids area?

edina monsoon said...

Bingo! Spot on. It is indeed the BV II branch. ( btw wasn't aware they had another one at KLCC) Didn't see any bean bags there..but then I was all geared up for gossip and food. You can only do THAT much of multi-tasking. hehe.