Friday, August 13, 2010

People MUST eat

There is no such thing as folks giving up their Sunday Spread just because the economy isn't so good. We were seated pretty fast but the service was sadly slow. And the affragato was half its size by the time it got to our table. Not much OOmph.On the up side, my main dish salmon-something I forget the name was absolutely mouth-wateringly good. I'm definitely returning for another go. It won't be on a Sunday though. Slow service spoils any meal. Our seats faced the crowd and we saw KL fashion victims walk by from time to time. Much better than reading any magazine

And today is Friday the 13th. Superstitious? Bah! It was just a day packed with stuffy to do. Unless you count the slowing of brains during noon time which made me crabby. Or the very slight traffic I encountered en route home. Nope! There's nothing sinister about Friday the 13th anymore. I've done away with that:)

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