Monday, August 23, 2010

The real deal..

I have a short trip to Korea in a few weeks and will be able to sample authentic "bibimbap". The picture above is of a bibimbap done just right for these reasons
1. piping hot. I dislike lukewarm dolsot bibimbaps, eating it is like drinking lukewarm milo
2. The egg must be just on the brink of bursting so when you poke it with your fork it oozes out all over the rice and you get to stir vigorously. Overcooked eggs on bibimbap are sad. Rubbery ones the worst.
3. You must have enough chicken/beef bits. Stinting on these will ensure I do not return for seconds. And I will also warn other people about this.


Anonymous said...

i always call it bim bim bam.ahahhahah

edina monsoon said...

good grief!! You could be sued!! We should go makan korean together one day.