Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chicken licken at the dinner table and a very cute bear

The exact opposite of last Sunday's dinner, I had a lovely yummy satisfying meal this evening. On the menu was; fried yam roll,  four angled beans fried with dried prawns and chillies, tau fu with chinese wine in a clay pot, fried hor fun and SUCKLING pig. Yum!! It was our 4th visit to this restaurant and they have served consistently delicious food. Before the meal was served, little cheeky chicken licken found its way to the table and had a sniff at the acar on the plate.
Such a sweetie it deserves to be posted on the blog
Found! One bear at TIMEs bookstore. Too adorable for words so I clicked away. Wouldn't mind one for christmas! So those of you reading this, may want to spread the word.:)

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