Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seoul 2010

Taken ( before the kind lady said NO photos please) at the Korea House,80-2 Pildong 2-ga, Jung-gu 100-272

Kwang jung market. We wanted to go to Namdemeun market. The cab driver  took us here instead. No regrets. I would like to think we got a chance to see a glimpse of Korea with locals doing what they usually do.
Seoul, the largest city in South Korea. View from the 10th floor Grand Hyatt Seoul
Hanboks for delightful eye-catching colours. Who can resist??
Korean pancakes cooked at the market. These guys look like they know they're in for a treat. Those green bottles have 14% alcohol in them.
Ginseng biscuits marketed like you've never seen before
I strongly recommend trying this little thingy if you get the chance
Our dinner in Seoul, seafood steamboat.( With brains I think)
These eeky beings weren't part of our meal.( I hope)
Namdaemun gate...taken late in the evening.

All these *wave hands* have reignited my obsession with Korean drama serials. Am now watching Yu hee the witch. ( yay to that) Now I want a hanbok too..and to eat bibimbap and kimchi.


Anonymous said...

no wonder no news from u for the past few weeks. hehe.
nice photos!

edina monsoon said...

THanks YK. Happy Belated Birthday. I've been "away" from FB...but back in Malaysia. Current obsession ( apart from korean drama serials and kimchi) is updating blog more regularly.

fibrate said...

Where's the LIKE button? :)