Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Vintage Caper

The story opens with Danny Roth, a very rich lawyer lacking in taste and eager for recognition. And so, he gets himself and his wine collection featured in a magazine. Shortly after that, the collection goes missing. Enter insurance company,in the shape of one Elena Morales. One thing leads to another ( boring bit so I'll skip that) and eventually we come to the main reason this book was written.The story is about how Sam Levitt comes to find these missing racks of wine. He takes a journey to France and for some weird reason ( a huge bit of luck) gets a whiff of something and ends up in Marseilles and with the help of a lovely french lady ( yes yes..) he gets his treasure. I'm still trying to decide how it ends. ( V weird ending) but I don't have to decide whether I like this book because I don' least not very much. The story line isn't the problem, the subject matter wasn't interesting enough for me. Description of the countryside fell short and become in parts like reading a brochure. So no, I won't recommend this Mayle book. But I will say this, please please buy yourself " A Year In Provence" by peter mayle. You won't regret this. As for Vintage Caper, you can give this a miss.

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