Saturday, October 30, 2010

Needed: a comfy chair...and a foot massage

Picture of chair...taken at Laura Ashley. (Lovely prints)
It's Saturday evening. It stormed yesterday and as a result the sky en route to work this morning, looked clear and clean. There was a jam. No direct obstacle on the road, the usual Malaysian mentality ( and I'm sure this disease extends across the border to Singapore as well ) of slowing down to take a good proper look at the scene of a accident was the cause of the slow crawl along Jalan Kuching. Very annoying. Today seems to be the day for being caught in a jam. Travelling back from work also took a longer time than usual despite it being a Saturday afternoon. So now, what's needed is some well deserved rest and me being in a horizontal so. ( difficult to blog with mac on the tummy..the heat stalls the flow of words)

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