Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Coffee No Sugar Please Oh And A Little Bit Of Milk

I had a bloody terrible morning. By terrible I mean one of those days where you are slow and everything seems to take longer. And it would be just the time you'd meet a selection of crabby people who insist on trying your patience. I wasn't very nice this morning. Just so you know, most folks were nice to me despite my crabbiness:) People are NICE

We will be away from work tomorrow. Attending an OBA workshop. Don't flap it's not the OBE the queen gives our during her birthday celebration. OBA stands for one best answer ( should be OBBA one bloody best answer) which will hopefully replace the format for the subsequent exams to come. More work for us:)


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Do not be grumpy dear!

edina monsoon said...

I have cured the grumpiness. Rupa-rupanye it was due to LACK of sleep.