Thursday, November 18, 2010

A day off work

A very grand view with glorious sunshines. Solaris Dutamas.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day off work. Woke up spontaneous at half seven. ( Yes annoying isn't it? the one day I can sleep in and my body fights sleep). Due to the work hours I rarely see much sunshine....which made this lovely sunny morning trigger a spot of headache. It was one of those nagging ones which ebbs when you're spending money( thankfully ) but goes up a couple of notches when you're resting.( distressing). 
Currently watching this korean drama
I'm not sure whether I've mentioned this before, but this series was pretty hard-going the first 1.5 DVDs. Mainly because the main character acted like a fool and he's only just decided to be more "regal" and sensible two episodes back. The leading lady ( I'm assuming it's going to the Court Lady Yan ) isn't as pretty as the last heroine from "The Princess Hours". So THAT took a lot of getting used to. She and the Prince ( who used to deliver black bean noodles ) behaved stiffly and really clawed each other at nearly every encounter. Very juvenile! Acting skills could have been bunged up a bit too. 

Black bean noodles seem to have played an important role in both the series I've watched so far. I'm going to assume it's big in Korea. Probably like our maggi goreng:)

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