Friday, November 12, 2010

A fortunate find last weekend

I'm a great fan of Ruby Ferguson's pony books. The funny thing is, I don't particularly like horses. Sat on one once and the elevated height made me nauseous. Ferguson's style of writing is lively and animated. And the story line makes you read on till the end where ( like most good books) you sigh and wished you had one more book by the same author to continue on. After simply ages, I made it to the second hand bookstore and after very minimal rummaging I found this:) Certainly made my weekend. 


letti said...

ooo that review made wanna go searching for some of em meself!

edina monsoon said...

:) yay! There's the big bad wolf booksale last weekend. Didn't go. Main reason: NO MORE bookshelf space. My books are now on top of tables and on chairs. If I don't stop soon ( or donate some books) the place will end up looking like a second hand bookstore!! Help