Monday, November 29, 2010

What I've learnt this evening

Picture taken from iheartkoreanbeauty
Bought this mask in Seoul a few months back. Not all of them. Just the rice water mask. Was attracted to the name. ( yes shallow of me I admit). This evening, I decided to live dangerously and put the rice water mask on. And then I proceeded to google the benefits. What did I find?
1. It can lighten your skin. ( I wanted it to dry the gawd-awful pimple on my chin actually)
2. You can make it yourself...and here are sites teaching you in detail.

So I'm hoping the disgusting looking pimple all pustule-like would be lighter in colour. And hopefully smaller. Folks stared at it a lot today. Most annoying.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I tried it, and I grew beard .... so beware!

edina monsoon said...