Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What I'm reading this month

An old version of the book
Am at page ONE of this book. Reading material for this month.( I suspect I'll finish it by the week..must learn to ration ) Just finished Henrietta sees it through which was brilliant. I shall have to re-read that soon just to enjoy the story a bit more. I wish Jeffrey Archer's latest book was cheaper. Priced at a horrendous price of over 90 ringgit and in hardcover I shall have to think hard. Hate hard cover books because it doesn't fit the shelf very well. Plus it's rather heavy when you rest it on your tummy to read.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Aiyo Nyonya! You baca semua buku perempuan saja. Baca lah buku Ken Follet ke, Tom Clancy ke. Diversify ... and b the way, the last book I read must be at the beginning of the year. I now listen to the books -

edina monsoon said...

yes lah. Chic LIT is good for de-stressing. I also read jeffrey archer...isn't that macho enuff? hee hee. Good idea to listen to books:) Nanti I blog about it lah