Friday, January 28, 2011

My happiest MOMENT yesterday

was when I pressed the restart button together with the middle button ( I dunno what that's called) and I saw this sign. My IPAD died sometime two days back. My fault entirely for draining the battery to zilch. And so when I returned home after work to charge it...and found it unresponsive...I decided to stick the charger into the mains and leave it for a while. Problem sorted. Or SO I thought, a good 12 hours later...I return to find it still unresponsive. And THAT's when I panicked and started looking for the box with the serial number and planning a visit to an apple store. To cut a short story shorter....via FB...I ressurected my IPAD. And it made my Thursday morning;)


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

It was called the HOME button. You ni Mac celup lah. All Mac users know about that ........ heheheh!

edina monsoon said...

Home!!!!!! That's it:) forgot. Must be post traumatic amnesia!!!!!