Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My steady hands....

A rainy evening in Klang Valley
A nice cool end to Monday evening. My happiest moment for the day was : listening to Adda cackling away like an insane person when she saw the rabbit I drew for a personal touch in the chinese new year card. ( For the record, the rabbit was decent and i DID get an A in art a couple of decades ago).

The picture above shows off the return of my steady hands...and clearer pictures. I guess the G10 is behaving once again. No need to spend more money for a new camera. More money for shoes and other more girly stuff.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

That was my usual stomping ground and I have never remembered it to be this deserted. Have you got something to do with that?

edina monsoon said...

HUjan larrr!!!!