Sunday, January 30, 2011

Somebody tell me what are YABBIES many choices..

I'm too lazy to google the meaning. So Somebody tell me please..what yabbies are...and are they really worth RM40 when cooked with angelhair  in a aglio olio way. Thank you:) And for the record I opted for a safe choice ie burger with shoe string fries. See Picture below please.

Burger ....medium-well....with shoe string fries!
After lunch....we decided to spend some money. Oh boy! Did we do well!!! I got myself an obligatory chinese new year red T-shirt....and a oh-you-so-cannot-wear-this-BLACK dress.  And a flowery top...for violin class:)
Nothing special...just decided to test my camera this afternoon:)
I spent Saturday evening in PWTC....attending a wedding. Here's a picture of self...beside a radioactive-green tree:)
Picture of self with a VERY radioactive tree


Fibrate said...

Yabbies sound like something round and furry and cuddly but of course I am wrong! :)

edina monsoon said...

DUN like your definition. Sounds like a koala bear. WAAAH I dun wanna eat a koala

Sweet Pea said...

A yabbie is an Australian freshwater 'crayfish'

edina monsoon said...

sweet pea: Thanks v much
Fibrate: youre way off here:)

Sweet Pea said...

Hi Edina, thanks for your reply...feel free to follow my blog to find out more about Australia and its amazing wildlife.
Love the name of your blog.