Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's still CNY

My card
15 days of Chinese New Year celebration in total. Just want to show you what a lovely card I got. And that the G10 has decided to behave once again...AND my hands are steady once more. My happiest moment of the day: having a lovely dinner with OLD friends and cackling away at the horrendous words we spelt earlier on scrabble. Muton not to be mistaken with the more common ( and well known ) mutton. Go look it up...apparently it exists. Aaah, the things we learn on the ipad....amazing


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Hey! Of course it was still CNY. We have not yet hit Chap Goh Mei yet! While on the subject of cameras, the Canon S95 probably would suit a discerning blogger like you!

edina monsoon said...

I shall have to do an internet search on the canon S95. It'd better not be a huge bulky thing:P