Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jawa Night

10/10 for the set-up of the place. A big fat ZERO for food unfortunately. Service was slow. The girls lulled about and appeared bored with their job. No smiles...no small talk. Strictly glum faces and when we ate the food, we too developed a certain glum-ess in our facial expression. The owner was there. She appeared happy. Oblivious to the bad service her staff was providing. We were ( for most of the time ) the only customers there.

The entire set-up of the place is lovely really. A lot of thought went into designing the layout. The open air concept was okay in theory but the air was stale and smelt of recycled oil. We left the place reeking of it and with a strong promise NEVER to return.


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Wow! That was a strong verdict!

edina monsoon said...

It's the truth! Was hungry and nothing was tasty. The fried wanton had a bitter taste. The sambal petal was pedas and salty and the recycled warm oil laden air was uncomfortable throughout the entire meal. There! I said it it was a most unpleasant experience one not to be repeated:)