Saturday, May 14, 2011

June 14th

My fingers stretching painfully
This is the violin exam date. If you've ever failed exams, you will empathise with the feeling of dread and nagging worry as this date gets nearer and nearer. The exact comments from the examiner got lost in the post. ( a good thing otherwise I shan't be able to face my teacher ) I have only my own version of what went wrong. Top of the list was lack of practice. Everything else stems from this so it's not much point expanding on this rather distasteful subject. ( not least because it highlights my negative traits) How I have attempted to rectify this:
1. My violin is no longer in its case but out of it for easy access. It is ( even as I type) sitting on my ottoman together with the bow.
2. The violin and ottoman are placed strategically in the study beside my imac and macbook. This way, surfing the net and playing the violin can be done alternatively leading to more hours on the violin.
3. I practise SLOWLY with enphasis on hitting the right note for ALL notes.
4. I practice regularly (most days) rather than in spurts.
5. I don't hate scales any more.

Happy Saturday everybody. It's a month to my violin exam. Wish me luck!


wasr said...

wow, now youve got an extra job, apart frm farmville-ing ! :)

edina monsoon said...

I do NOT farmville:) I smurf-village!!!

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Good luck and break a string!