Thursday, June 16, 2011


Signs just to be sure you KNOW where you're going

The violin sits on the ottoman in between spurts of practising..
I've finished my exam. (shudder) And now some return to normal work and laundry. ( Tomorrow would be the first and only working day of the week for me wooHOO)


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

So, result bila keluar?

edina monsoon said...

2-3 weeks minimum! :P

Anna, Fair and True said...

Bet you did great!

edina monsoon said...

Anna: no I didn't do great! ( this is one of those rare times I do not have my usual grandiose ideas) hahaha but i' hoping for a mini miracle, in the continuing on with the practise,,,in the hope of developing a better ear for tone:) thanks