Sunday, July 03, 2011

Food for today

Sashimi Salad
 I had a semi-productive afternoon. Will blog about that soon. In the meantime, we had a japanese dinner. ( non-radioactive I hope). Pasta Zamai where fusion lives. It was crowded. So I KNOW the radioactive scare is definitely a thing of the past.  The sashimi was fresh. No layer of slime you find sometimes is the not-so-fresh version some places try to palm off as super-fresh. It came with sesame sauce. You can just about make out the sauce in the picture above. Sauce wasn't nice.
Japanese Pizza ( tasty tasty tasty)
 The pizza is definitely worth having again. The crispy crust complemented the topping like shoe and socks. ( Hmm now why did I pick that analogy) Like like like. This saying it three times is a spill-over from playing "fashion story" and "farm story" concurrently. I must wean self off that soon.
Hamburger Pasta ( double yum)
 This was nice. The burger piece of meat was tender and slightly burnt on the outside. Which is how I like it. The sauce was not overpowering. Nothing like ragu/prego version I used to whip out for meals in the dark ages.
Found while waiting at the counter to pay. ( bleah!)
And this *wave hands* I cannot understand. Neither the name, the pastry and certainly not that price stated. Good grief....Happy Sunday folks. I've just realised it's past midnight. Sleepy-time.


Lee Peng said...

For Sashimi salad, you should try to get this Japanese salad dressing called "Wofu". It's lovely and refreshing with sasame flavour.

RM5.50 is not too expensive for SG standard. That's why I seldom buy pastry here :-D!

edina monsoon said...

I think it's expensive for a piece of pastry that has possibly been sitting there for a week and a half:) What an odd name. I wonder whether anyone's tried it before.

Haris Abdul Rahman said...

Also had my shashimi fix today, at Renaissance.