Monday, July 18, 2011

NIke air no more

Can't rotate picture sorry Drawn on moleskin ap :)

I attempted to do my second session of brisk walking this evening. Feeling rather smug with self, I opened the shoe cupboard and decided to use my other nike air shoe to match the blue trimmed socks. Bad idea. Exiting into the warm sunshine, I felt some sticky flapping sound and found part of the left sole had detached itself. Too lazy to return home to change, I walked on. After one lap the left sole had all but come off and the right looked very much like it was going to follow. So no major exercise was done this evening. I left trails of foam along the road and part of my sole is surely on the road leading to the car park. The shoes are now in the bin.


Anonymous said...

fyi Nike shoes usually don't last esp the sole maybe its the hot weather .. i prefer NewBalance or Adidas :d anyway u shouldnt have thrown away the shoe just bring to the cobbler to get sole glued back on

edina monsoon said...

that's TERRIBLE. Considering the amount of money I paid for each pair. Boohoo