Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Which one do you like?

I've only just realised these are the colours of the traffic light:) I read somewhere ( I forget where now so don't ask me ) that orange is an energizing colour. I once tied my hair up with a bright orange elastic band on a Monday to give me energy. It didn't quite give me to boost like Popeye's spinach but psychologically I got through the day with a bit more pep than usual. The power of suggestion.

I shall be wearing orange tomorrow ( if I can find the energy to iron the outfit before 7am)


AJ said...

Nooooo...not orange, don't want to catch the energizing vibes, cannot handle it at the moment. Blue for cooling and calming please

Lee Peng said...

The green goes with your kaya handbag :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, could it be because orange is the closest colour to YELLOW? *wink wink*

fibrate said...

Sorry, Anonymous was me!

edina monsoon said...

AJ: wore a cheong sam instead:) Woke up late...no time to iron the orange outfit

Lee Peng: I KNOW:) I must seriously think about getting it then eh?

Fibrate: HAHA....flying under the radar:)