Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dinner at Jaya 33

Peking duck! 
 We had a lovely family dinner. Now it may not seem like a special thing but we're not big on family dinners as a general rule. So you can appreciate that the gathering was unique for at least 2 reasons; the last time we met was for a wedding. And dinner in Petaling Jaya is adventurous by our standards. Aunty J celebrated her birthday together with us. Auntie M baked her a cake. And we all got a lovely meal with exchange on family news this evening. And now for the food review. The peking duck was lovely. Much better than the one at Damas. It came with the crispy skin and some tender meat.
The vegetable dish was nice and green. I'm not sure what the veg was. It tasted nice and garlicky which is how I like it.
Porky dish
This was gorgeous. It looks like any other slab of meat but it was succulent and tasty right down to the middle.
Noodles were good but because it was the last dish I can't rave about it much.
Home made carrot cake
Auntie M's carrot cake was moist and not too sweet. I love the marzipan carrots:)
I would blog more but I have a lecture to prepare....last-minute as usual. I never learn. Boohoo


Haris Abdul Rahman said...

I take it that it was non-halal?

edina monsoon said...

Yes Dr Harris Abdul Rahman. What gave it away? ( hee hee) WOn't go there so fast. I'm lost in PJ...and papago gps let me down a bit en route back home.