Sunday, August 07, 2011

Longchamp bags!

The "tree of life" longchamp bag had one of its few outings this afternoon. Because its white I'm almost anal about keeping it so. The slightly bigger capacity makes fitting the IPAD that bit easier. The La pliage smaller sized bag needs you to be ORGANIZE and put stuff neatly in order to accomodate an ipad/keys/handphone/sunblock/mini bag/rosary/thumbdrive/purse/G12 into it comfortably and still be able to zip it up.

Horrors! I found a lady with the "tree of life" longchamp bag in pink. Haven't seen that colour here before. So I took a picture ( well three shots actually but I'm only going to post one up here)


fibrate said...

You bag fiend! :)

edina monsoon said...

I need to practise a little self control yes?hee hee