Sunday, September 04, 2011

The weekend before the long Raya break

Just so you know where I was
Spent many hours on Saturday listening to various levels of music. These kids....they're brilliant. And it was inspiring. I came home and played my violin with more emotion and my class on Sunday was better. The teacher said I played with more feeling. ( rather than everything piano ....I had from forte and fortissimo in the song) And I have decided to LIKE "Air in G" after all. Only because the slow bits allowed me to vibrato just about every note! 

The duet  session for kids
Some small kids playing a lovely duet. Don't you just love the little pom poms on their heads?
Datin Dr Siti Hasmah 
Guest of honour sits in front. We got seats in the row behind.
Look carefully for the angry birds!
This mini orchestra played the theme song from "Angry Birds". Enjoyed that a lot.

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