Sunday, October 30, 2011

Warm sushi :(

Yesterday's dinner was so disappointing I nearly howled mid-meal. Our sushi arrived looking very tasty and yummy. The first bite was weird. It tasted very warm. As I chewed the consistency was doughy and no rice bits fell off. As seen in the picture above, the entire sushi was gel-led by heat by the time it got to our table. Eating my second ( and last sushi) made me think of chewing into Kuih Sri Muka. Twenty two thumbs down. Shame on the restaurant for not even bothering to make a decent sushi never mind that they fobbed us off the tempura bit inside the sushi. I'm NEVER going back to this place. I wonder whether the original Japanese Chef went back to Japan after the earthquake.

I won't tell you where this restaurant is but I will say this....if this were to happen to you, please send the sushi back. ( We didn't....we were too polite)

My WORST sushi e-vah! ( Even Genki Sushi does a better one)

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