Monday, November 28, 2011


It sizzles and pops in your mouth
 Candylicious is exactly where the old TIME bookstore used to be in KLCC. KN brought me here and oh boy did we have a field day taking pictures. It was only after I spied a tactful message saying " photography not allowed our candies are shy" that I stopped. And so here are some of my pictures ...
Jelly bean anyone? I'll have a mugfull thanks
 For a short while I was into jelly beans. Had a handful in the car but after having to hunt for lost jelly beans in the car I've decided its safer to eat them in a non-moving vehicle. Love the vanilla bean flavour. And I hate the seriously taste like washing out liquid. And I'm not making this up, I have seriously tasted ( not on purpose) some washing up liquid in the past.
Reese bowls.....and reese everything else
For them "reese's" fans out there....come on over and get your stash at Candylicious. And now, just a little about Candylicious and what all the hype is about. ( found from various sources on the net.) It's a concept of candy fantasy shop serving loads of different types and they display it in such a tantalising way you feel you simply have to have that whorly lolly or you'ld just die!!!! From the crowds inside, I'm guessing this shop will do very well. Malaysians love their candy! Its flagship store opened in September 2009. There have three stores in Singapore, Resorts World, Sentosa, Takashimaya and Parkway Parade. The one in Sentosa is 9 thousand square feet in size!!!!

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