Saturday, November 26, 2011

Market Hall review

Scallops anyone?
We had lunch at the top floor of pavilion just beside some restaurant called grandma-something I forget now. I've also forgotten the name of the restaurant we ate in but I'm 80% sure it's called Market hall.
Aglio Olio with white wine
 The food like the name of the restaurant is forgettable. I'm judging unfairly as just the day before we had the most gorgeous tasty olio ever. With that, this had a slim chance of pleasing us. The portion was adequate. Service was good and they went through the motions of actually saying the correct script.
Coffee in a glass cup and saucer
We had coffee there mainly because we wee too lazy to walk out and look for decent coffee. I have no complains re coffee. Nice and aromatic.

I forgot to mention, the breadsticks were yummy!

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