Monday, November 07, 2011

Second visit to Sephora....more treasures uncovered

Picture turned out nicer than was to my "benefit"
 Sephora! Music to the ears. Our second visit uncovered more treasures. The walk there was brisk I'm afraid we jay-walked ( hey hey along with the rest of the crowd) across Jalan Bukit Bintang. And because Malaysians love heading out to the shops at any opportunity, we had to wade through a little bit of crowd. And so here are two of the many pictures I took. I've chosen these for different reasons. Benefit has lovely packaging. It really does. Their lippy is great but I'm afraid I've shyed away from most of their other tempting products.
GOOD Grief!!! I wonder who needs this kinda concealer!
Wooo! Look what I found. Industrial strength concealer. WHOA! I betcha these can smoothen out just any old crater out there. Try it? Nah! I imagine one would need a shovel to remove this at the end of the day. Again....too much trouble. My blemished face and I will just have to learn to face the world unaided.


fibrate said...

The whimsical packaging is not to be mistaken as fluff. Benefit products work! As I recently discovered :) Try the Porefessional. Excellent lightweight coverage! By the way, I can't wait to visit Sephorac

edina monsoon said...

Come come visit....I sprayed some Versace perfume ...and lemme tell smelt gorgeous.....sprayed on the little weeny pieces of paper...and just a sniff makes me smile.