Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sephora ( again..)

Something interesting from "Soap and glory"
 You cannot stay away for long. And so there we were, making our way to Sephora ( in the rain...yes it started to drizzle and no we had no umbrella with us). Like the last two visits, the atmosphere was charged with women with an intent to try and buy. You can tell the good deals from the empty pots left or the 1/8 full bottle of hand cream. Some testers were missing. Those MUST be the ones to get. I bought a whole mini basket full of soap and glory stuff plus some other delectables from other unheard of brands. And I finally found the version of versace perfume I liked from the last visit. Perfume purchase saved for 2012. Today was strictly frivolous shopping.
Black tea mask for the brave
I found this in the shelf after my third round. Cost quite a bit. I wonder if I were to use wet grounded tea would the effect be "perfect" too.
Something like ShueUmura's oil cleanser
I don't use mascara so this wasn't on the much buy list. But looking at the tester bottle you can gauge for yourself whether it'll be worth buying!

And here;s the main reason why my blog entry is Sephora based....THERE's a SECOND branch in KLCC. Fancy that!!!!!!  But we still prefer the orginal Sephora because of the great crowds of women of various ages and sizes all like-minded. Bonding session at sephora can only be experienced at Sephora opposite Pavillion.

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