Monday, November 07, 2011

An unfortunate thing to happen

Scalded left hand two weeks back during removal of instant noodles from microwave oven. A slight jerking movement caused a mini tsunami of piping hot noodles to overflow from bowl to hand. The heat caused a yelp and a further tilt...which brought piping hot gravy onto hand to add to the unpleasantness. The hand is absolutely fine after a immediate rush to the tap to bring down the temp pronto followed by an icebag for the next hour or so. It hurt like a billy-oh that evening. But THERE is no scar:)

The noodles above was cooked by AJ....and brought to room with one hand. Some people (roll eyes) they're brilliant with hot piping noodles.


fibrate said...

Urm...all I read was "hot piping noodles". My comfort food! p.s. I'm no better...always making a scene at the pantry trying to extract a hot bowl from the microwave :p

edina monsoon said...

Won't be cooking any instant noodles for a while....allow my nerves to recuperate.