Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zanmai feast

Avocado salad with sesame dressing.
 I'm back on the food topic once again there's no stopping me you see. The salad was very nice. It sounds inadequate when I describe it like that. Let me try again. The sesame dressing is a must. And when it's drizzled ( generously) over your crispy vegetable leaves the sensation as you chew is pretty darn good. The avocado bit was nice but I think salmon goes better with the sesame dressing. Together, the sesame dressing and avocado proved too creamy for it to get 10/10. I'm giving it 9/10
Japanese version of olio and chicken teriyaki

Green teat ice cream
I've had green tea ice cream before. This was WNN's choice. Apparently it was yummie:)
Ice cream with wafer and very important chocolate bit in the middle
Mine was this very generous portion of wafer ice-cream which tasted exactly like what I wanted this evening. So I enjoyed it so much...I'm having it again this week maybe.

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