Monday, December 12, 2011

Ma'Cik Biryani ( review yes more food)

 We had dinner here last night. A deviation from the normal. And certainly a deviation from what I wanted which was scallops from Vivo. The parents caved in to my suggestion. Psychologically a trump card for them. I then proceeded to feel bad. And we decided to not eat at the place of my choice after all. So allow me to write a brief review of the experience. We'll start with the decor. I'm giving it a 8/10 for cleanliness and I like the set-up. It was near the toilet. Which turned out to be handy.
 The mother had fried kuey teow. And here it is in the picture above. The kuew teow was smooth and texture was lovely. Really!. It tasted clean and maybe just slightly less salty than what we are normally used to. But no complains. I'm giving this 7/10. I've docked off marks for the lack of chilli-padi. We got it after asking.
 I had the sup tulang and white rice. The portion of the white rice was baby-size. Just as well I was under the weather and the appetitie wasn't the best. Tasted nice. But perhaps I would have liked it thicker. The meat bits were nice. It literally fell off the bone. So I'm giving it 7.8/10.
My father had the briyani. Yes if you come to a shop called Ma'Cik Biryani and you do not it any biryani it'll be plain ole silly. Nice and hot. And yes certainly something we may consider having again maybe early next year.  Overall experience was nice. The waiters were friendly and service was pretty quick.

I'm having scallops sometime this week tho....still feel cheated out of them;)

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