Saturday, December 17, 2011

A review of Min International Salon!

Min international is near celli Cakes....Finnegans, Burger King and RHB bank. There! I've named all the main places of interest near by in that one sentence. After intense internet researching over two Saturdays ( I kid you not)....I decided that Min Internationl would be just the place for my next hair cut. When I entered the shop the smell of ammonia hits you gently....and it slowly envelopes you. I had a slight wheeze in the first 5 minutes of adjustment. After which time, I felt well enough to look around. I called for an appointment. Lucky that I did. The place was full. Most girls were having their hair coloured/permed. So its true what the net says, Korean hair Salons do different perms. I was served within 10 minutes. The lady who washed my hair was pleasant and chatty. The stylist who did my hair make a face when I indicated I wanted it shorter but smiled when I said not too short. ( I suspect he didn't want to make my face look any rounder than it was entering the shop..clever man). He appeared to know what I wanted. But I was nervous just the same. As I sat there waiting to have my hair trimmed, I had this strong urge to walk away and live with the mop.

I'm very glad I stayed. the hair cut was done very nicely. And he layered and layered and layered it. Apparently I have a lot of hair. I think my round head makes a bob hair-do the most appropriate style for now. Until I lose the double chin and then maybe we'll think about getting a slightly different look.

Love the hair today:) I'll recommend Min International for a good hair cut. RM60!

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Jenny28 said...

Hi Edina,

Glad you like your hairstyle. The Master Stylist, Jay that did your hair has now opened his own hair studio, namely J Creation Hair Studio and its situated in Kota Damansara. You can have a look at their FB for more information. Love reading your posts :)