Monday, December 05, 2011

Would you drink this?

Empty space....a nice feeling
Solaris Dutamas is finally coming alive. Despite vowing never to return ( after the car-towing incident by over-zealous DBKL folks...may their toes rot) I spent Sunday noon browsing the shops and enjoying the feeling of discovering new places.

I wonder what it tastes like
 The Big Independent Grocers was a treasure trove of interesting stuff to browse. I must have exerted self...because when I finally got home..I slept like a baby
FOUND it....vanilla pods!
WNN promised me some profiteroles .... my job was to find real vanilla pods. I nearly had a black-out when I found them and saw the price. A whopping RM44 something for a test tube of pods. That vanilla taste better be out of this world, or I want my money back. An interesting place what I like best about it was the great open space with few people. Hate josling elbows with folks and walking into push prams.
And so here are some of the shops I spied in my short visit there.
1. MPH bookstore with a good selection of books for children. They had seats which was nice.
2. I store  whoppee...I can pop over any time and get my ipod nano.
3. San francisco Coffee. Seriously BETTER coffee than either coffee bean or starbucks
4. Bens ( yuck I don't like their service)
5. Hallmark/tiny thots/some eyebrow threading place/ at least 3 hair saloons
6. British India homes
7. Just B
8. Caring pharmacy
9. Just Juice/I love U, Sushi trolley place I forget the name now.....and others.


fibrate said...

Great! I've been searching for vanilla pods forever and now I know where to find them. As with all good things in life, pricey...

edina monsoon said...

Happy to be of service. Didn't buy the pods after all:):)