Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Current Game Obsession for Jan 2012

And so now...I am playing three games concurrently which means having to wake up 30 minutes earlier to collect points before brushing teeth or run the risk of being late for work.(ouch). The reviews of Snoopy's street fair have been varying but let me tell you why it's appealing. The graphics are clear (not fuzzy) and nice...true to the original peanuts illustration. You get to collect points/XP quite frequently depending on what you've purchased. And if you're able to sit beside your ipad and click continuosly ( Ahem) for are then rewarded by gaining enough XP to move up a level. Compare this to smurf village hich demands a higher level of patience.

That snoopy! He's just so cute. If you tap on his house, you'll then see him buzzing from whichever part of the screen he happens to be in....right to the house and sleeping in the roof just like in the cartoons. Snoopy jumps and dances when he collects certain gifts too. Now that's so cute you wish he would do it more often. I'm still trying to figure how to add some friends onto this game. In the meantime if you haven't tried this free downloadable game, give it a shot....

I declare I have received no funding from the inventors of Snoopy's Street Fair!

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