Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kenanga wholesale Mall

Some shirts for sale
 After suffering at the hands of a wanna-be-stylist at Sg Wang I caved in and headed for Kenanga Wholesale City Mall this afternoon after making an appointment with my original stylist R who was moved there a few months back. I love the parking lot. It was airy and apart from the rather long journey up to the 8th floor before you arrive at the parking lots, the whole entire parking experience was enjoyable. ( And it was free!!)
The models were a little scary
 The floors were well organized and divided into sections. Here is the a shot of the muslim wear floor.
 There were a few empty shops...and this was the sign we see.

Smoking section of the food court.
The food court looked clean and spacious. And the smoking area had a lovely uninterrupted view of KL the parts you don't usually see. I popped out here to take a panaromic shot. Nobody was smoking at the time. I think the folks just wanted to enjoy the view. Will I return? Yes...for my haircut...and I'ld spend some time browsing. Today's visit was mainly for the hair

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