Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Smurf Village update

Level 35 finally....(after simply ages)
I'm still loyal to Smurf village. How can you be otherwise when the updates give you something exciting this time around? Plus I now have more than a handful of friends and so can expect gifts on a more regular basis. ( I hope!)
With the SS Smurf...you travel to a new island.
If you have sent dreamy smurf out and he's come back, this means you can now explore a whole new island. The flowers you plant there are bigger. Still can't get used to the size. And you can send a smurf out on a raft and see what he brings back. Am working hard planting and harvesting cos I spent a whole lot of money on those squirrels a while back.

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Anonymous said...

Almost lost interest with smurfs but after dreamy found the island am now hooked again...