Thursday, March 01, 2012


The tray was interesting
 We finally made it to Wondermilk Cafe at Publika. So let me just bring you through our experience. Seating arrangement looks better from the outside. When you're actually inside, the seats to the right look cosy but in actual fact are anything but. If you're lucky enough to get the corner seat facing the i store then that's a good view for people watching. Just to deviate a little, the folks who were there on Tuesday were the usual crowd but one lady stood out with bright orange ali baba-like pants with billowing wides made obviously to cater for those tree-trunk thighs out there. Teamed with heels and clipperty-cloppin away the outfit was ugly.
Vanilla milk for me
Okay, back to wondermilk. I had vanilla milk. It was delish. Only problem was the weeny sized paper mug I had. not good.
Bite-size portion. Good for dieting but poor value for money
 WNN had this. When it arrived I hooted with laughter. Thought it was a joke. It was smaller than my palm. And let me just say I have small hands. So it wasn't a joke. This is apparently what you SHOULD expect at wondermilk if you order this exact thing.
The counter where we were served
The folks serving us were lovely. Chirpy and smiley despite it being after 7pm. And they even loaned us a pen for me to doodle. I will probably return to try some other stuff. But not when I'm famished.
Overall experience 5.5/10

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