Sunday, March 11, 2012

Xiang Ding Wei

The chillie was delicious. Almost good enough to eat on its own
We went to Sg Wang Plaza (again) this weekend. This time we mustered enough energy to get to the 5th floor to have some tasty ( and interesting) Taiwanese food. This was our second visit. And the place was packed within ten minutes of our being ushed to our seats. Everyone else looked like they knew what to order. So did we....
What we ate
The parents opted for something very much like what they had the last time. They both insisted I have another dish rather than the noodles.

Tried and tested favourite
 One of the parents had this.
The jasmine tea had little weeny jelly bits
 The other parent slurped his way through some jasmine jello bits
The set dish
 The set dish was very filling.
Lovely taiwanese food for a VERY fair price
And so for those of you interested in trying out some Taiwanese food and you would like to have it at a place with some atmosphere....head to Sg Wang Plaza....located on the same floor as the computers. (except there aren't many pc shops left currently).

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