Sunday, April 29, 2012

Melaka series part 1

I like Melaka for many reasons. I like history ( mainly because I got better marks in this subject compared to others ) and I like stories. I worked in Melaka for 12 months many years ago. Today I made a working trip there and had loads of time to spare to walk about Jonker Street mainly looking for kasut Manik for mum. Red she wanted, Covered up...and small beads. They do not come cheap. We went to J Manik which was recommended by someone we know. The price was RM 600++++ but it was comfortable and apparently you can come back to get the soles and heels re-done should you choose to change for some reason or other. It's all leather says the lady and as I tucked my feet into a pair of black kasut manik, it didn't hurt half as much as the ones from the shop before this. No pictures she I couldn't take any picture in the shop. Shame really. is the picture of the shop. We settled for a red pair, small beads with a 2.5 inch heel. To be sent in a month to mum!

As for me, I settled for a completely different type of footwear.
Heliotrope coloured terumpah for me

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