Friday, April 13, 2012

We have a new King!

The palace from the outside
Yesterday was a public holiday. The reason why we had the day off was because of the investiture of our 14th Yang Dipertuan Agung.  Our new king is an Oxford grad. Known for his gentle ways and kind manner. This is his second term as the Agung. I wanted to stick my camera in between the bars to get a better shot but WNN warned the gates might well electrocute me. Didn't fancy dying in this glorious way so you're left with this picture. Which doesn't do justice to the actual picture
The palace gate. One of the 4 entrances ( or isit 3 I forget now)
We headed there after dark and we caught the lovely lights. No crowd at all. The motorcade folks resting just around the corner were very friendly and helpful. We got our picture taken and we got a lot of nods and smiles:)

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