Saturday, May 19, 2012

Carismen Dolce has moved!

Violins in the air
My "E" string snapped yesterday during my frantic last minute practise session with great emphasis on the E string. After messing the place in the process of finding some extra strings ( which I remembered stuffing somewhere ) I found my old "E" string. Then of course the next big step was doing it on my own. Never before...and never again. I sat on the floor because I had visions of the violin springing from my hand and landing on the floor. ( The first violin suffered just such a fate)

And so today I made my way to Plaza Damas to have the instrument re-strung and strings changed. They are NO LONGER at Plaza Damas. I called..and the very pleasant girl emailed me the directions. So after lolling about and doing my nails I made it to the new place. Rather dodgy drive there but the actual shop is lovely. Parking was easy and the place felt safe and quiet. I bought my present violin from this shop. And the people and owner especially are lovely people. It's a great place to go if you're interested in violins and want to purchase one without feeling that you're being pushed into buying something you don't want.

Here's the new address:

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Hi do you know any good violin teachers in klang valley?