Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dome's delights

Spaghetti ( sweetish yuck!)
My usual order at dome would be cafe latte if its late and we're there mainly for some unwinding and light gossip. If we're earlier...or if we're famished spicy olio with beef bacon bits.( 10/10). The pie used to be nice until one fateful evening when I had to eat my way through some sourish dough and vowed never again will I put my stomach through such a badly done pie.  Creamy seafood pasta is good. WNN used to order that quite frequently. Other things worth mentioning would be the fish and chips. That's passable.
Pale pizza for the brave
Now these two beauties are new to my palate. What a sight indeed!! I'm going to have to say " I shan't be ordering these anytime at all...and please do not order this if you happen to eat at DOME" the service at the Curve was very good. Prompt and no funny fake american accents:)

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